Release: Freaky Boundaries Fabio KinkySUNGR148

Freaky Boudaries is the new album by Fabio Kinky , inside for the first time on the label a remix by our great friend and artist Francesco Farfa, masters by family sound engineer Alen Sforzina.

Release: Telepathic Jump DodoTheMadDogSUNGR147

Dodo the mad dog first release on Sun Generation

Release: Solid Max Beat, Discjoker, NiveoSUNGR146

Top Ten on Beatport for a month.

Release: Underwater Narcotic SymphonySUNGR145

The new album by Tuscany producer Narcotic Symphony

Release: Technosforza Alen Sforzina SUNGR144

Our master Alen Sforzina!

Release: Inside Simone Barbieri Viale SUNGR143

" Inside" by Simone Barbieri Viale has got "A Feeling" with precious harmonic solutions from his usual techno style.He is searching new "Unity" in the sound. Lovely producer!


New Tracks in Athanòr!

Release: Intermittenza Matgroove SUNGR141

Release: Chantal Goa Rig Thrall SUNGR140

We've been meaning to produce music with a NU-trance style for a while,finally Rig Thrall has arrived with four tracks in which the lysergy will wrap you up while dancing. First time on Sun Generation for the French producer based in Montréal with his Chantal Goa.

Release: Chirality Code 144 SUNGR139

The new Code 144 project research and sounds in frequencies aligning magnetic fields, the electric field rotates as it advances, circular polarization, chiral, which can only be partially superimposable by a good DJ!

Release: Humanship Fabio Kinky SUNGR138

Humanship is Fabio Kinky's new album, it contains a Marvin & Guy remix of Humanship and a track developed together with his friend Miki The Dolphin called Electronic man. It modulates progressive through ethnic tribal elements and in this new one also energetic scores with a trance appeal. Great job!

Release: Lovers Narcotic Symphony SUNGR137

Narcotic Symphony back on Sun Generation with LOVERS an album that will make you pulsate;he gets into the chords of passion,the passion of lovers,without boundaries.A work in which Narcotic Symphony enters a complete research into the influences of his path in electronic music and house from Tuscany,where progressive and melodic derivations intersect in the sounds of several decades. Lovers is an album that will make you fly.The singer Gianet ,Track 1,is of Hungarian origins, she studied classical music, traveled around Europe as a child as a soloist in a choir, then for personal reasons she quit music as an artist without thinking of going back to it until lockdown happened; which made her think a lot, it opened up her mind and made her realise that she had to go back to music, so she started again both as a singer and songwriter.

Release: After All Alone SUNGR136

amicus certus in re incerta cernitur , Alone aka Alessio Lavorini and Mr. Omar J

Release: #neverstopdancing 2 vv.aa SUNGR135

It Contains 6 tracks by Ector Nina , Two Slim , H.O.M , Alex Feti , Menca, Markyno.

Release: Swirling Circles Piqquallo PROMO SUNGR134

Certainly an intense Piqquallo, a badass of a release, 4 tracks in which you will find yourself amazed, excited, introspective and energised. Congratulations from Sun Generation to the musician and producer from Florence Piercarlo Giachetti AKA Piqquallo!


Bittrigger arrives with his second project on Sun Generation. This is a 13 track album, La Soucoupe Volante, which contains a synthesis of what he has played in his studio in Brittany for the past 5 years. Meticulous and free from the influence of fashions, he lays the foundations of his sound by playing with his collection of mainly analog synths. Emotionally seeking a trip to space in which club-filling experiences from the 90s like Mozinor raves in Paris, peek among the sidereal-tasting scores until they come together found in the French electronics of our time. An album, like a sideral trips collection ! Availble on the digital markets, soon.

Release: AGENDA SEQUENTIA Gian Paolo MantovaniSUNGR132

Psychedelic embriances in the new Gian Paolo Mantovani called Agenda Sequentia ,an original sinewave sequence with a trance directory mixed with elements of techno , it contains remixes by Open Spaces aka Franco Falsini major from Interactive Test and Miki The Dolphin the most popular acronim of Miki, dj and seekers a&r.


#NEVERSTOPDANCING contains : Code144 , H.O.M ,Narcotic Symphony , Alex Feti


Angelo Bass is back on the label with four track pointing through the creativity of sound,costanting mixing multiple genres with awareness,combinations among sums of house, deep and techno played in the broad field of electronic music. 2020/12/23

Release: I WANT TO BE H.O.M. - DJEmmSUNGR129

A Deep-House hailing from Ferrara noth-east Italy, a city that is always very actve in the ambit that dishes out quality music.Bass that makes the difference vibrating inside you by the duo H.O.M. and DJEmm .Welcome to the spiral of Sun Generation.

Release: 20° ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION Variuos ArtistsSUNGR128

.45 (number of the Angel) tracks from our catalogue , new edited versions .Something from the vinyl production .Love for the Future!

Release: GUARANA' Simone Barbieri VialeSUNGR127


3 tracks from Simone , #neverstopdancing !


Rakele Rossi enters the Sun Generation orbit. We appreciate her extended and communicating artistic side in which music has its core. Influences from her intense djing between the Netherlands experiences and the Tuscan underground scene, acid sounds and progressive grooves merge as well as the colours of the album cover, still hers. Congratulations Rakele and welcome on board!

Release: SILENCE Jacopo Susini ft Martina SalsedoSUNGR125

SILENCE the new work by Jacopo Susini​ supported by the singer Martina Salsedo , plus remixes by Alen Sforzina​ Alfrenk​ Massimo Solinas end of June on digital Market , it represents a clubbing movement manifesto from Sun Generation Records , The Sound of Silence cover by Simon & Garfunkel​ ,artwork by Alessandro Valdrighi.

Release: OUTSKIRTS Fukoma . Lato B SUNGR124

Fukoma & Lato B di Modena (ITA) uniscono le loro forze musicali ed esperienze sia nel djing che nella creazione di musica nel 2006. Entrambi attivi nella scena musicale elettronica dalla fine degli anni ' 90 in Emilia e Lombardia circuito. Ispirato da Kraftwerk, synth pop, funk, la prima techno di Detroit e un suono generale della matrice inglese, creano composizioni ricche di contaminazioni elettroniche.

Release: LUNA Blin Eff SUNGR123

The talented and young producer Blin Eff, at his first encounter with the Sun Generation, is looking for an evolution towards sounds that are less tied to minimalism; his will and Miki's stimulations led him to express himself in this beautiful work, directed to a wider compositional phase, in which such phase becomes spontaneity.


It’s a research for union between psychoacoustic and synthetic sounds, integrated in dance settings.Ups and downs and musical kick on the floor.
The release also contains a track together with Miki , one with drummer Marco Priolo and 3 DJ-remixes by Miki The Dolphin , Fabio Kinky and Light Spheres

Release: EUR Discjoker . Max Beat . Nexus SUNGR121

A journey that starts in Rome, home of the producers DiscJoker and Max Beat, continuing through Paris and reaching up to London. Three main cities of European electronic music. A techno trip by underground, three stops: Eur, Miromesnil, Moorgate. Hypnotic bass, techno beat, melodies, synths and arpeggios that define the dynamics and accompany you tirelessly. This is your ticket to ride.

Release: 44 patient better driversSUNGR120

With this 44 EP, Matteo Manzini, aka patient better drivers, composes an intimate sonic expression of his thoughts. His sound palate reflects his personal memories - suspended and frozen in time. As a result, the overall mood is introspective and melancholic, while at the same time completely transversal to every material aspect.

Release: DIACHRONIC SPEED Light Spheres SUNGR119

Light Spheres aka Francesco Cianella welcome aboard! Super . 2019\12\19


Menca on SG!

Release: NATURE GgDeX SUNGR117

The GgDeX versatility manifests itself in this interweaving of House sounds with Funk and Deep elements, we immediately believed in the release

Release: NO PLASTIC Alessio Dell'Aiuto SUNGR116

We strongly recommend the use of little plastic, to recycle it, the only product we suggest is (CH2CHCl) n- : polyVINYL chloride


Liquid Spirituality is the new project by Fabio Kinky , an ethnic pulse runs in all the songs , the dreamlike taste of ancient proggy memories intersect futuristic visions from far galaxies , the package includes two remixes one from the synthetic algorhythm mind by croatian master Alen Sforzina and one more tech from brasilian dj-producer Feermarx first time on SG.

Release: CREATURE Alex Azzo (EL MAORI)SUNGR114

Our French knight is back!

Release: REMINDER Piqquallo SUNGR113

Reminder is a tune by the producer PIQQUALLO from Florence aka Piercarlo Giachetti, conceived in spring/summer 2018. Nothing is destroyed, so the sounds of Reminder seem to follow the transmutation of being a person 'humanized electronics', as he defines them - in the various elemental states: from a solid earthly base, given by dark sounds, in which the rhythm of time does not allow itself to be guessed but softly it is forgotten in its constant pulsation
which becomes a welcoming uterus, suspended in liquid sounds, the flow of blood becomes air, 'chillout' coloured to breathe emotions never excessive, to end up in the 'dance' fire, the spirit, which burns superfluous memories; there remains only a Reminder, that is: remember every now and then to think outside the box, perhaps listening to these tracks.It is up to the listener, whose fantasy leaves space for the album through delicate experimentation, to decide if and how to dissolve or recompose at the end of the journey.

Release: MONDI LONTANI Antonio ValenteSUNGR112

A fresh work by Antonio Valente , first time on the label. Simply and Solid!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! LESS PLASTIC MORE TREES Mister President. 2018/12/22

Release: DEFENCE OF THE FUTURE Jasev . Antares SUNGR110

We have been testing the strength of these tracks, the new beat of the two producers is undoubtedly a lot badass, there's definitely cheese down that tunnel and it feels like a great shag to see people dancing to it.

Release: CONFIDENCE Gian Paolo MantovaniSUNGR109


Confidence by Gian Paolo Mantovani ,we like his melodic techno style and groovy-trip ,remixes by Miki The Dolphin with a floor bomb, Mass Prod. in a tech and deep house mood and with great pleasure a lysergic remix by Open Spaces, alias Franco Falsini the legendary Interactive Test label creator and musician .Psychedelic cuts!

Release: RESURRECTION Angelo Bass SUNGR108

Angelo Bass, DJ and producer from Cremona (ITA), who is among the residents of Unusual Suspects Ibiza and Dj at Voyage in Italy, and together with Maurizio Lamartino at the Italian DJ Academy and JES show on Ibiza Global Radio, in a sinuous and highly effective release. Absolutely not to be missed!.

Release: TRUST IN MYSELF Alessio Dell'aiuto SUNGR107


It has arrived! At long last Alessio Dell'Aiuto's very own first release on SG is here. After paying his dues with some tracks on our main compilations, the Human Traffic dj from the esoteric hills of Volterra commands Trust in Myself! Round, deep and penetrating. Full support from many corners of the globe.

Release: ALLA SPIAGGIA Jasev, Antares (Italy) SUNGR106


The long-awaited album of Antares (Italy) and Jasev is finally here, fresh anticipation of Sun Generation's summer season, legitimate choice after some top tunes that have characterised their rise within the label with feedback and recognition from many parts and many parties. The tech-house sometimes free at times deep proudly characterises their being among the novelties always in equilibrium, an important attitude in the productive dynamics of today's digital music, courted by different labels, we have chosen them for the way to reveal themselves with the compositions, humble but qualitatively "badass"!



The Colombian-Florentine duo Wooden Crate land on Sun Generation with a Techno album. Oneiric and metaphysical in the research and evolution of sonorities blended into composed and pulsating grooves. An intense work never taken for granted full of spatiality, suitable for large floors as well as for small alchemies in after-hour.

Release: RELATEDNESS Fabio Kinky, Miki The Dolphin SUNGR104


Fabio Kinky's return on stage as a DJ coincides with his new release on Sun Generation, we are truly honoured to welcome Fabio in our family; his work gives a nod to the old school of which he has been an active consecrator, but it starts a research through the exchange of stems between studies in Berlin and Croatia, channeling his Relatedness towards new sounds also availing himself of the futuristic and dreamlike remix of Miki The Dolphin.

Release: FUTURE WINTERS Gian Paolo Mantovani, Jasev, Antares (Italy) SUNGR103


The first release in 2018 on Sun Generation is Future Winters, our warning to stop using cars as soon as possible! The producers are: Gian Paolo Mantovani who has impressed us, his dynamic implementation has involved during the promotional phase countless mainstream DJs who have been able to test the power on the crowd; the duo Jasev and Antares (Italy) complete the release with two tracks. An arrangement with vocal elements and house in the #3, an access crossroads for many DJs and a techno gallop #4.y

Release: AMAN Alen Sforzina, Mystic SUNGR102


Alen Sforzina with his new work on SG, Aman, a ballad that is rooted in the Balkan gypsy world of 'queen' Esma Redzepova, a famous singer of the 70's, for her vocal improvisations quite so called Aman. Alen has molded this element into a dynamic and energetic techno along with gypsy rhythmic guitar. The release includes Mystic's remix, an interesting producer for his long-trip aptitude, and who we welcome in the Sun Generation family. 2017/12/20

Release: DJANGO/OHYAH Simone Barbieri Viale SUNGR101


New by Simone. Sleekly weaving techno and house, great buzz and excitement on the dancefloor.



Sun Generation is back on vinyl with a release featuring the participation of the musician Dedo, and Miki, icon of Italian DJs also known as The Dolphin, a nick name that he is now using for his productions.
Their New Wave past in the 1980s, when Dedo was a member of the Intelligence Department band, currently back again on the scene, and Miki had the first professional satisfactions through new wave selections and then became one of the headliners of the electronic techno scene for over twenty years, has given the inspiration for this project.

Release: MUSIC AT THE CENTRE Simon Brown, Javago, Luca Corsi, Sir Andrew, Alessio Dell'aiuto, Jasev, Antares (Italy), Gian Paolo Mantovani, Geeno SUNGR099


Volume 2 features new tracks seeing Geeno's compositional psychedelia in a style out of any scheme, personal and absolutely to get to know. Alessio dell'Auto with a sneak peek of his next album, the promo track already played by known names of the djs' panorama. "It's Ok" by Sir Andrew expertly mixed by the masters Luca Corsi and Javago, also present with his progressive ballad "Seduction Juice. The track by Simon Brown is a true floor-filler. For the first time on Sun Generation, Jasev and Antares with the their deep techno and 2 tracks for Gian Paolo Mantovani assisted by the boss Franco Falsini aka Sensation Fix, mythical.

Release: BREAK Sonartek, Miki The Dolphin, Dedo ID SUNGR098


Dedo musician coming from experiences into new wave during the 80s with the band Intelligence Department and some cult songs like Sleeping City, develops a research into the electronic sounds in large suspension, ethereal, ambient, with great soul; we liked the project straight away and we enriched it with 3 remixes, 2 of which in synergy between Sonartek and Miki, the DJ who features in productions like Miki The Dolphin, deep techno hatching mainly from experiences between Club Der Visionaere Berlin and Mind in Tuscany, closes the package the remix at 120bpm with a crazy pull and major feedbacks, including techno, electronic with a hint of old-school progressive, indeed the original one for real!

Release: BALLARD Mariano Santos, Paco Ymar, Fukoma, Lato B SUNGR097


Ballard is the first 2017 SG release. The guys Fukoma and Lato B are always more into the techno with dark nuances. The package is enriched by Paco Ymar and Mariano Santos remixes. Bomb!



Random Thoughts is the new release by Paul Dam resident at Unusual Suspect in Ibiza that sees Kyko's collaboration and a remix by Miki the Dolphin.
His great research bears out the new influences given by the island, that during the winter months offers performances that make the thoughts flow into music as free notes. 2016/12/20



Out Now!



Finally the album! This producer merges creativity and ethnicity research in one kite of sounds; the unique style in which the techno experience from past experiences plunges into the depths of our soul, leading back to the dance of the tribe and how lysergic in the external environment becomes the jungle of the metropolis with its magnetic fields, that only capable musical waves make harmless



A mini collection of 4 unreleased tracks with the flavour of the endless research, activating the broad-spectrum music.
Creativity will bring the music back to the center at last, in his ancestral place. Only the courage to propose it, a pinch of madness, and we can move from this being lobotomized and imprisoned in stereotypes; let's free ourselves bringing the music back to the center! It contains: Laora Gems remixed by Chronophone, Matteo Martino, Simon Brown talented young producers, and the cosmic sound of Gian Paolo Mantovani

Release: OCEAN Alex Royers, Miki The Dolphin, BitTrigger SUNGR092


BitTrigger delights us with its analog machines!
From the French Brittany coast, its music have its roots in a futuristic adaptation of Mozinor's rave experience.
"Ocean" is a very remarkable Sun Generation release : Infinite spaces, fractal music, golden section, Fibonacci.
It makes use of space-techno remix by Alex Royers in the track "The Run" and of a lysergic and peaceful chilly-out version of "Ocean" created by Miki the Dolphin to 432Hz

Release: CAMION REMIXES Miki The Dolphin, Novox, Dual Fuel, His Grace SUNGR091


A package of remixes with the sole intent to make you dance,the solution sometimes to free one's head from bad thoughts is moving your ass to the beat.
Debut on the label for techno views of Novox and Dual Fuel, joined by Miki The Dolphin in his style when jumping out of the water!

Release: CAMION His Grace, Fukoma, Lato B SUNGR090


The feedbacks of this #090 are top notch, really happy for the growth of these producers, support the music buying it, as downloading it illegally you debase it.



New tracks ,Vol.2 of We Want The Solar Energy series.
A collection of 12 tracks with Two Slim, Mario Restaino, Angelo Mele, Alex Cavalieri, Laora Gems,Jo Gala , Luca Corsi , Javago ,Angy, Lorenzo White, The Hammock Nights, Antonello Mazza and Miki The Dolphin.
This chapter's driving force is the Techno contamination linked to music bouncing in percussions and atmospheres of lysergic experiences and the consequent opening of parallel routes at true elevations, the essential is to find the right door to return in the wave flow even in the nick of time.
A collection full of flavour to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Release: TRUE FRIENDS Chronophone SUNGR088


Awesome new tracks by Chronophone, who delights us with his deep house line, delving into blues voices and remote lysergic from the peyote company; the funky groove seeps into the DNA of this producer as a centrepiece, mixed with techno elements; already on labels such as Transmat, King Street, Inkfish, Irma and of course Sun Generation, gets the attention of the most refined DJs including Derrick May, Chez Damier

Release: LUNEA BUMPING Hoffmannstrasse SUNGR087


First 2016 release by the swiss duo Hoffmannstrasse, interesting psychedelic and electronic twines, trascendental sounds, good research into deep techno-house also leading to chill-out.

Release: WE WANT THE SOLAR ENERGY STOP USE OF THE PETROLEUM AND NOT ONLY FOR THE CLIMATE Sonartek, Davide Cali, Alen Sforzina, Bodo Felusch, Piqquallo, Pinola, Cisky, Alterego SUNGR086

Release: Down the Rabbit Laora Gems SUNGR085


Laora Gems is a project we side with a lot in this phase of music subject to the crowds imposing commercial cliches to DJs who perform them to satisfy their "ego" and satisfy a scheme now photocopy,we are meant to feed the underground and let it have its own identity and not mocking the mainstream.
Researches sounds and concepts into modern electronic by Laora Gems on Sun Generation.

Release: Saccapoche His Grace, Kris Von, The Hammock Nights SUNGR084


Here is the new work by The Hammock Nights, the Turin group moves in the wide territory of Nu-Disco contaminated by electronic and their unmistakable guitar; Supported by loads of alternative DJs and also important ones like Daniele Baldelli and Miki The Dolphin, they come out with a song "Saccapoche" and two captivating and dynamic Tech-house remixes to complete the package by His Grace and Kris Von.
Enjoy the hike!

Release: It's Harvest Gian Paolo Mantovani SUNGR083


The new clubbing season is about to start.
Sun Generation leans towards hints of performance; we all know how the cliche is inkless, let's try with tempera then, kneaded colours, long playful brush strokes, repaint your djsets.... Gian Paolo Mantovani makes his debut on the label with two tracks, discover them.

Release: Ashes Piqquallo SUNGR082


Well, that Sun Generation also had an attraction to Funk and Ambient is now well known, and the meeting with Piqquallo showed this attitude.
Ashes with a clear reference to Bowie's lyrics is certainly significant in this time of the label's great energy towards those producers outside the stereotype of the system, the new based on quality, which I find then in BYE, the track that completes the release, great feedbacks from the industry and absolutely one of the best among the chill out releases of the label's catalogue.

Release: Pandora EP Quantum System SUNGR081


Here we go with the new work by the Venice duo formed by Torres and Falbez, the Quantum System.
From the metaphysical and psychedelic Venetian lagoon electronic and techno with twines of arpeggios and sounds muffled by fog and by centuries of zingy contaminations.

Release: Gerundio EP His Grace, DJ University, Donny MT, Mr. Key SUNGR080


Matteo Tedeschi AKA Donny MT, Francesco Ricco AKA Mr. Key, Giovacchini Marco AKA His Grace form the dj university trio, their DJ sets are full of grooves and characterized by influences ranging from deep house to electronic techno music sounds.
Three friends from the powerful potential, out now with a new release, 2 tracks excellent output on floor.

Release: Ladri di Acidi Alen Sforzina SUNGR079


3 tracks that clip along, irresistibly greedy the acid thieves will enthrall you, synthetic and radiant, it's pretty much like having Timothy Leary cackling on top of the needle! Don't miss it....

Release: Swan Boy REMIXES The Hammock Nights SUNGR078


Club-key for The Hammock Nights; RMXs by Alex Cavalieri, Quantum System, Fukoma, Alex Glera, 3d3ks, Milf & Deaf; remixes that breathe, songs taken from The Hammock Nights' first album, tracks included also in the soundtrack for the documentary "Attraversata Deserto Namib" by Robydamatti!



"UNDOPED" a section of new unreleased tracks, songs that once imbibed they entertain your crowd.
Tracks that take over the heavy drugs, this is the concept that we like, it's fun for Sun Generation; it would be really nice to increase more and more, the share of those who go out just for the music.

Release: Klopa EP Nexus SUNGR076


Fine techno and tech-house release by the Croatian Nexus for the first time on Sun Generation; recommended by the Master Alen Sforzina this work consists of four tracks with a big wave, dynamics and subwoofers at full capacity, good luck man!

Release: In The Lonely Hour DJ University, Donny MT SUNGR075


From under the wing of 'House Father" Stefano D'Andrea comes out DONNY MT-IN THE LONELY HOUR two tracks that fully identify him and we liked them immediately for the depth and for the freshness of sounds and parts at the same time, support him with your regular download!

Release: Chimera EP Emy SUNGR074


Emy gets back on track with three new techno tracks, very dynamic, engaging and captivating.
Many DJs out there in the techno and tech-house scene are picking him, you can pump this work up and be his next supporter.

Release: Swan Boy Lagoon, The Hammock Nights SUNGR073


The Hammock Nights is a band that reflects the visionary image of its members who find in their compositions a common denominator, often from distant points of view.
Formed in 2012 by a group of three musicians who love playing "live" the instruments that you can hear in their tracks and avoiding, whenever possible, the use of sequencers or MIDI tracks, which is a distinctive feature of their sound.
Imaginative and eclectic guitar/bass player from the funky- blues background, Christian Hoeberechts, broadly provides with the input from which the creativity of the sessions' composition bursts out.
Coming from a classical music education Matteo Pecchenino works in the music industry as a teacher and live musician. Multi-instrumentalist and enthusiast about synthesizers, he "married" The Hammock Nights project with interest in contamination and experimentation among the various musical genres.
In the composition area, together with Christian Hoeberechts, he deals with weaving the harmonies and melodies, and all phases of the recording in the studio.
The "old-school" influenced dj and beatmaker Federico Touscoz is still holding up digging into vinyls especially those dating back to the "golden age" of Italo-house, from which, not seldom he finds inspiration to develop rhythms and musical bases within The Hammock Nights.
The code name "Swan Boy" is the metaphor of an individual inside journey.
The drastic decisions that mark the beginning of the story would have immediately stopped anyone, but not our hero. Craving success continues, and it is thanks to this that you discover places apparently calm and others with a more engaging impact, but only when we find the deepest point of the soul, we can express purselves at our best ... we can go anywhere and never surrender!

Release: Athanor Session Five Chronophone, Marco DS, Max Beat, Cisky, Yuuki Hori, Alessio Dell'aiuto, ESTin77, Alex Raimondi SUNGR072


New tracks by Italian, French, Japanese producers;selected by Miki The Dolphin

Release: ANIMALNOIZE Simone Barbieri Viale SUNGR071


After a while, here it is the new work by Simone Barbieri Viale, solid rhythms and effects that pass,slapping, loop visual in the mind in "Train to Berlin", "Xingu" a track dedicated to the river and native reserve to preserve the region and EP's title song "Animalnoize" escalation up to the full capacity of your performance, corroborate the Techno vein of this estimated producer.

Release: WONDERLAND Emy, The Visitors Attak SUNGR070


Cool, it covers the scene well, round enough, it bounces in three versions up, check 4 them, the game moves the floor, important feedbacks from mainstream and underground villages , remixed by The Visitors Attak.

Release: ALPHA Luca Grossi, Berto Riccardo SUNGR069


We can't stay far from a modern techno mood here.. everybody!
Two solid traxs by Luca Grossi & Berto Riccardo, excellent feedbacks on Vipultima, Ant Party Tune in Ibiza!



Athanor SESSION 4 used to provide a uniform and constant heat for alchemical digestion.
Athanor is an occult hill, surrounded by mist except on its southern side which is clear.
An azure vapor (of music) ascends, which is drawn up by the warm sun.
Amazing new tracks from Sun Generation, session compiled by Miki a.k.a 'the dolphin'.

Release: NEVER NEVER Fukoma, Lato B SUNGR067


A beautiful three track research, Essentially techno house but if we listen well, the taste is more like a cosmic journey inside, just like sitting on a satellite and watch come down all the crap that a man makes on this earth and asking him to improve through the notes.
The two boys are going up, and have a good mood, they are deserving heart-beat grooves .. Go in peace!

Release: INTO THE CLUB Sonartek, Miki The Dolphin, Francesco Carmignani, Alen Sforzina, Teo, Miki, AS SUNGR066


Miki a.k.a The Dolphin and his unique uncompromising sound, avant-garde since the 90's ,it's not an easy trip .Into Club remixes a project born from the original file made with Francesco Carmignani violonist .Remixes by Sonartek, Teo and Andrea Landi; which have released various labels including Sun Generation, Get Physical, Baile Musik, Wavetech, Tip Tap, Sono Vivo etc with a distinct sound diving deep down into the minimal underground techno universe where the groove enters in your head. The other versions made by Alen Sforzina dj producer and sound engineer from Croatia with friends like Valentino Kanziani, Petar Dundov, Miki, and Francesco Farfa who signs stunning beats like Techno for big events and at the same time in club scenes, ranging back to various roots of electronic underground.

Release: LEVEL ONE Alec Ben SUNGR065


Clear, practical, essential, enveloping : it is the new release by Alec Ben - Level One: Make your choice, flip your dance-floor.

Release: MIRA D-isorder SUNGR064


Two solid tracks from D-isorder.
Innovative technical solutions, beautiful structure, 'Mira' superimposed rhythmic elements with imaginative developments, the other track tech-house 'Gemma', it does not miss anything



A collection with some interesting producers, excellent feedbacks from the mainstream and the underground area.
With Miki The Dolphin, Alen Sforzina, Joy Kitikonti, Francesco Carmignani, Jo Gala, Lorenzo Silvano, FJG, Zucchitta Leonardo, Adriano Dodici , Lorenzo P., Enky, Nerofumo

Release: COME TO ME Stefano D'Andrea, DJ University aka Donny & Mr Key SUNGR062


An Honour 4 us feb 25 2014 on Beatport one of the most significant DJs, true legend of the club Kama Kama in Versilia during 90s, a true example of great depth, he backs to release 2 beautiful tracks with Dj University aka Donny & Mr Key.

Release: TRAVELER Alen Sforzina SUNGR061


Yes is Alen!The new work deserves the attention, after your first listen you will come back on the tracks, you will have to choose and it will not be easy, you buy it all, 'cause one night the floor will be right for the number 3 and the night after for another one, while away from you your colleague will select the 1 and so on… High quality music from SGR.

Release: BUTS & DUCK EP Alex Cavalieri, Louis Langone SUNGR060


Louis Langone after collaborations with Sonartek, the single E.P on Sono Vivo and the remix to Sun generation "Father song" (all tracks charted and played by the biggest international DJs) Arrives at a new collaboration with Alex Cavalieri for an E.P with three tracks of different style.
The first "Buts & ducks" wraps with vocals and psychedelic effects that lead to the break where the hybrid guitar/analog synth creates clear and distinctive element.
Day after, typically deep, has a simple groove, the bass line lovingly tom line, effectively acts as a support to the whole line a quirky vocals.
Morphing, is dj&club friendly track.
Bass & groove push the track into a highly danceable planet, the Break are softened by delicious Deep Chords.
The track's title highlights the morphing, the transaction between solid groove and the played parts.
you will be Embraced by the analog warmth chords but pushes hard!

Release: FLOW AGAIN Fukoma, Lato B SUNGR059


After a few good tracks on SG's compilations, Fukoma and Lato B come up with a 3-song release.
The main track Flow Again is a deep and hypnotic voyage.
Daniro, an interesting suspension track aiming to the first part of the night.
Closes the package the tech-experiment Lost Algebra.
Excellent feedbacks for all the three tracks on Vipultima.
Good luck guys!

Release: ATHANOR SESSION TWO Miki The Dolphin, Galex, The Visitors Attak, Fukoma & Lato B, Beat2Crazy, Francesco Lamprechtz, Cristiano Storchi, FGJ, Alessio Dell'aiuto, he Hammock Nights SUNGR058


Welcome in Session Two! colorful sounds, atmospheres, perfect round of notes.
Miki The Dolphin and FJG for the first time together in a song (Kalk) that summarizes the past, present and future, Galex for the first time on SG, the song is 'The God Dog ' (deep proggy-tech), Francesco Lamprechtz and Cristiano Storchi a.k.a Beat2Crazy in the project, reopen the vein 'house' in the label, even inside the session a bomb tech by Alessio dell'Aiuto: t'Memory of Back Stage' the title helps...Session 2 also sees the well-known names of our producers ; sounds of the deep-tech by The Visitors Attack with 2 tracks and atmospheres Nu-Disco by The Hammock Nights.

Release: GO EASY Luca Grossi SUNGR057


Solid Tech-house work by Luca Grossi on SGR! background voices, snapping hit hats and bouncy rhythms for your floor!

Release: ALONE Angelo Mele SUNGR055


Great performance! ALONE by Angelo Mele.
We r sure this release will love to all who build dj-set of high level and rely on your support to promote this promising producer of Naples.
Three tracks with the carrier ALONE ..real great job! A ride in deep with HALF-TONE, wrapping sound and some harmony and distant voice, closes the work VISIONARIES ,so 'in time' ;tech-house themes in your box.

Release: NIGHT KILLERS Scalambrin & Sgarro SUNGR054


Mario Scalambrin and Luca Sgarro first release on Sun Generation Records, cat # SUNGR054.
We are proud to launch this pair of producers on the market.
They intersect the cutting-edge experience in a fluid style; they get to the heart wrap around the sounds.
Important thing today!
We love technology, discoveries, research, but we love to hear inside us and always dancing on the life floor

Release: LICABASA Berto Riccardo SUNGR053


A funny minimal-tech package of three tracks by RICCARDO BERTO our new entry in SUN GENERATION.
Here's a job in the grooves,some house voices , simple algorithms but solid.
Music for djs!

Release: BUSKERS HAVE FUN Miki The Dolphin SUNGR052


Quite rock'n'roll tech rumbling mix,by Miki a.k.a. "the dolphin", splashing of music with caudal fin in electronic direction, diving in the minimal ocean, small portions of corals ; it's not music to make 'fake', djset is a strong art, don't get too anchored by machines or come in the water to clean your soul.Dolphins are smiling again

Release: ATHANOR SESSION ONE Leonardo Romano, Scalambrin & Sgarro, Miki The Dolphin, Analogue Sensations Modelling, The Hammock Nights, Miki, Link SUNGR051


A range of new tracks, here we choose the good vibrations, there are around techno-house, many algorithms.
The endless combinations of the pentagram

Release: SHOOTING STARS Unspecial Effects, Teo, Simone Barbieri Viale, Miki The Dolphin, Nikita Marasey, The Visitor Attak, Miki SUNGR050


Producer from London, 'Unspecial Effects' loves liquid sound, groovy beats and minor chords.
Shooting Stars is a flexible track, it sounds good in the belly, low move from far away, from the stars .
6 remixes : Teo with his style deep-tech, Simone Barbieri Viale absolutely techno and dynamic, The Visitors Attak in a deep version with ambient pads, Nikita Marasey with a bouncy tech-house version and two remixes hypno-techno by Miki (vocal / instrumental).
Good feedbacks from djs with high personal taste.

Release: STUPID Sonartek, Andrea Landi SUNGR049


Sun Generation first one side release!conceptually we thought, 'right first' to give it the proper light, because the TRAX is truly a beautiful hand grenade explodes on the floor letting out energy.
Kudos to our producers Sonartek and Andrea Landi, their style more and more 'acknowledged'!

Release: SHE LIKES IT The Visitors Attak, Marcom2 SUNGR048


"She likes it" is the latest Ep of The Visitors Attak.
120-124 bpm of warm sound, hypnotic synths and pads.
You can feel a mix of deep house and techno, something typical of The Visitors Attak underground style.



Unedited New Traxx from SGR.
It's the last chapter in the series MY KINGDOM, penta/5.A number that symbolizes the universal life, human individuality, will, intelligence, inspiration and genius.
The maze of chartres is finally discovered in the deep, the pentagram evaporates with notes of artists, a musical collection for dreamers.

Release: SPEACHLES Cisky SUNGR046


Cisky is finally dropping inaugural bomb EP after his first track on My Kingdom Compilation vol. 3. Cisky bring in this EP three power club tracks! They characterize this work with pumping beats and massive percussions

Release: LITTLE RED CAP Martina Salsedo, Tommi Marchesini, Miki The Dolphin, Cristiano Cellu, Mad_Us, TEO SUNGR045


Movin' through a tech-deep direction,4 versions played on the voice of Martina Salsedo,she usually pushes to the tune, but in the woods you have to whisper, 'cause the big bad wolf is all ears to dance! Remixes by TEO, Mad_Us & Cellu, Tommi Marchesini and 'uncle' Miki old school version..or new...

Release: WORKIN'CORSO Tommi Marchesini, Di Chiara Brother's, TEO SUNGR044


he new Marchesini's release on SG called Workin'Corso with remixes by TEO and Di Chiara Brother's, it is very good tech-house for clubs, Tommi Marchesini is noted as one of the new producers of label, interesting, never predictable and solid at the same time!

Release: THEY WALK Simone Barbieri Viale SUNGR043


4 awesome tracks in the new Simone's project , tech-house dynimic without oppressions, very cozy, you'll love to leave until the end every songs.Breathing sounds that are released hot on SG! THEY WALK



1990 Cosmos Fact launches astounding and memorable raves in and around Paris, First in France at that time insensitive to electronic music.
Love energy fulfills Mozinor's pandemonium dance floor, activated by Francesco Farfa, Miki and Roby J, Italian dj's of the coming out Toscana's electronic scene.
The collision is white heats on black beats !!! A generation of bolded French youngsters seize the decks and the machines.
We all know la suite.
More than 20 years after, those always beating artists and activists of the French club music scene, through today's original tracks, give homage to the sounds and atmosphere that haved changed their vision-our vision-of life for ever.
Keep on dancing.
Keep on raving!
Selected with love by Luc Bertagnol and Master Seb

Release: HASH-TRAY DJ Cuca SUNGR041


our DJ Cuca in a lonely ride, three tracks , full psychedelic techy-sound that he develops through mental set in dreamlike, they are solids with groove and rhythmic always embracing.
Tribal around the model!

Release: LATE SPRING ON MARS Alen Sforzina, AS, Sonartek, Andrea Landi SUNGR040


AS:Late Spring On Mars - AS is Alen Sforzina, Croatian dj with great experience, his style emerges in a dynamic techno, for a special project in which the new sounds of Sun Generation Records are quite clear.
It contains remixes of Sonartek and Andrea Landi.

Release: MY KINGDOM VOL. 4 Various Artists SUNGR039


The penultimate chapter of the penta-series 'my kingdom' sees the presence of new names in the landscape of Sun Generation Records.
As you know we often try to promote good music regardless of the importance of the producer.
Sometimes we have given birth to new artists and this is because the beautiful music always wins.
All dance with passion, not need anything else. LOOK INTO YOUR HOUSE DJ...

Release: EL SHAKER Tommi Marchesini SUNGR038


A return to minimal techno source in the new ep of Tommi Marchesini with also tech-house elements in a track called 'Perché Rinunciare' . It's the last 2012's release, an important year with slow rise of the SUN and tasty GENERATION discovery and very satisfaction RECORDS, thanks to all

Release: TURANA Di Chiara Brother's SUNGR037


Di Chiara Brother's ..from the middle east coast of italy youngs producers with a new techy-house wibes; here two songs Turana and Luisa.We bet on these guys, we feel good, pump up the volume once again and again and again!

Release: FIXED Fiordi SUNGR036


Here is the tech-house that still fascinates, 4 cool tracks with a bit of 'minimal' sound and ,as usual into Sun Generation releases 'the deep' .Fiordi's work conquers a solid interest in the myriad of productions obsequious to the sounds of top djs, mess up hair! Stop these assholes faces around and Fixed your soul, you can be rather than appear! After you will be FIXED!

Release: DOESN'T MATTER Kris Von SUNGR035


2 Solid traxes from Kris Von, Tech-house with east europe influence style, we are curious about the Bulgarian producer because he has some numbers to play in the music industry, he being very concise, yet dense in frequency.
As I said, solid!

Release: TRAVELISTA Chronophone SUNGR034


Stephane delights us with a beautiful ep, deep atmospheres, the soul-tech wit found in the scores, in its rich creativity endless.
3 songs: Travelista, How Many and Break it Down, make the choice!

Release: DOUBLE - GEM E.P. Stefano Infusino, Eugene Navatta SUNGR032


Double gem is a fusion in a unique ep of 2 producers we have monitored in the last period with some affinity.We join them in this ep, full of techno intentions, this new path of electronic music development and its new frontiers.
Well done by Stefano Infusino and Eugene Navatta!



Alexis Azzo has built his international reputation on an ability to create a characteristic personal style.
The First album on Sun Generation is a journey through the sounds typical of the artist from montpellier 'the bouncing beats', where electronics and sci-fi tech intersect.
There are some 80's reminiscences and a fresh perspective of the underground. Good into clubs!

Release: MY KINGDOM VOL. 3 Various Artists SUNGR033


As usual for the My Kingdom Serie, a landscape in extension with tech house,deep and electronic music and an eye to some new proggy productions too. First time on SG for Master Seb with Werner Niedermeier, the violin Maestro Francesco Carmignani with a fantastic solo overture song, Ludra Andrea Rivi, Andrea Perini, Luca Reale Essi J, Fabrizio Gaggelli, Dj Renato, Adriano Dodici, Hibbert, Cisky. The notable Miki The Dolphin with a cover of Fela Kuti sung by Martina Salsedo. Other songs by Sonic, Fiordi, IvanDe Calma and by the russian composer Shining Bet. Complete!

Release: JOIN ME Teo, Tommy Fly, Luca Noize, Fiordi SUNGR031


Runaway producers led by Tommy Fly with many fresh blood in their head! Tech House ep with partners Fiordi, Luca Noize and Teo, HOT!

Release: SINFONIC Jean charles sonic, Teo, Manos, Tommi Marchesini, IvanDe CalmaSUNGR030


Tech and Deep House remixes from Ivan De Calma, Manos, Teo and Tommi Marchesini plus the original from our french producer Jean Charles, awesome!

Release: MAD Quantum SystemSUNGR029


4 Tracks, psychedelic tech-house and electronic solution mixed with afro backgrounds, not the usual upbeat, great research.

Release: SWEEPING Simone Barbieri Viale, NanniSUNGR028


3 Tracks from one of our most appreciated producer Simone Barbieri Viale plus an interesting remix of Nanni, first time on Sun Generation Records.
Percussions rumbling on tech grooves and techy-house keyboard atmospheres by Simone Barbieri Viale in 'City Jungle' and 'Sweeping the Bush' and a great performance of rhythms in 'State House'.

Release: FLY IN A TRAP Nikita MaraseySUNGR027


Nikita Moiseenko, better known by his pen name as Nikita Marasey, Belarusian DJ first release on Sun Generation Records.2 songs of great impact on floor, Fly In A Trap,like an house-style ballad with east europe reminiscences and the strong 'In Vease Ball' tech-house song with up and down elements on a looping voice running and stopping.

Release: DELETE MIO AMOR Sonartek, Andrea Landi, Tommy Fly, Mad_Us, The Dockers, C.el.l.u SUNGR026


Sonartek , Andrea Landi: Delete mi Amor / Hot deep techy in the original version, they are principal driving Sun Generation to the remarkable level of productions, we suggest them at Your total attention, remixes in the package by Mad Us and C.e.l.l.u , The Dockers and Tommy Fly.AWESOME!.

Release: LONG LIFE TO MY QUEEN Miki The Dolphin, Francesco Lamprechtz, Martina Salsedo, Paul Cutie, Sonartek, Andrea Landi, Marco CappellettiSUNGR025


A vocal work of Miki and Martina Salsedo, singer and author of the lyrics, dedicated to the great humanity of well being in women's universe.
This song contains an original house music created from old friends refound duo ( Francesco Lamprechtz and Miki) plus versions from 'main floor' established and tested from (Marco Cappelletti & Paul Cutie), Berlin mix essence by Andrea Landi and Sonartek with a first prologue mix done in a pool party.
Feedbacks regarding names like Robert Owens, Ralf, Sasha, Sonido, Niki Bellucci etc...but also from underground djs scenes that we love.

Release: FA SURE 5prite, Deso, Tony Ganev, Robin Virag SUNGR024


Fresh tech-house with the summer inside.
Original plus remixes by Robin Virag, Tony Ganev, Deso very good!

Release: LIKE HER PAST Mad_Us, C.e.l.l.u, Sonartek, Andrea LandiSUNGR023


We have believed from the start in these boys, now courted while they are defining their own style .. here they are again on the label introduced them to the music club public , the new work is a mixture deep funky tech 4 this summer with a bomb remix by Sonartek.
Remember! Buy an original file helps the system of independent music.



The new work of Cuca will put a strain on your sub-monitors.
He moves properly on bass frequencies , looking 4 a psychedelic strategy made of lysergic pads and rarefied percussion ; inside the package a version with Daytan System and one more deep with Miki The Dolphin.

Release: FUSION Tommi Marchesini SUNGR021


4 songs of tommi marchesini under the name of 'Fusion', a kind of contaminated tech house with mixed hype and harmonic moments together, the songs are rumbling inside the set of some remarkable djs.
Tommi is sure one of our italian promising producers.
So take off stereotypes and open your ears!

Release: HUSH REMIXES Leo Almunia, Teo, Mad_Us, Luca Noize, C.el.l.u SUNGR020


It switches in the Tech-house style with remixes of C.e.l.l.u , Mad_us, Teo and the new entry producer on Sun Generation Records Luca Noize.
The remixes package of Leo Almunia retains deep mood with rarefied voices and psychedelic melodies with new value and step for club's dance floor.

Release: GET DOWN IvanDe Calma SUNGR019


GET DOWN It fits perfect in the SG catalogue, IvanDe Calma moves well its costruction; the release built around the song 'Get Down' with interesting voices and work of tribalism, appropriate atmosphere in the trax 'Mafioso', closes the ep the tribal groove jumping 'Kiss me'.

Release: SENSITIVE Paul Cutie, Marco Cappellletti SUNGR018


Sensitive is the new project from Paul Cutie and Marco Cappelletti, 3 versions: original afro and atmo percussions, which is inserted in a lounge piano, deep and intense, really brave; the club borns in a context of deep house level, the dub a wrap tribal groove with the summer at the gates!

Release: HUSH Leo Almunia SUNGR017


The ep "Hush" by Leo Almunia is a three-chapter story for those who wants to explore both the deep and the techy sides of house, with strokes of electric guitar and overdubbed vocals.

Release: KNOW WHAT Robin ViragSUNGR016


Robin Virag produces two tracks of great impact on Sun Generation, getting fine feedbacks from the hype 'Vip-Ultima' promo service.
An excellent work with great dynamics, the most marked and tech KNOW WHAT and the deep-tech with house influences WHATUPSKEE.
Rhythmic , dynamic and melodic are the Tthree words most accurately describe Virag Robin's music.
From Sofia on the SUN!

Release: I KNOW C.e.l.l.u, Mad_UsSUNGR015


A solid job the first album of our young producers C.e.l.l.u and Mad_us.
Moments of nu - house into songs called "make it", "i know", "I'm get high", basement of the release or most deep and chilly with a research and cure into rhythms and pads.
Some great feedbacks from top dis and appreciate in the underground system too.
A good credit card for this intensive album from Sun Generation Records.

Release: RUN YOUR MIND ManosSUNGR014


here is the chapter 14 by MANOS greek producer, promo positive feedbacks from remarkable names and underground system djs, we are proud to produce Manos for some reasons.
Thank You for support the release. Three tracks in the modern techno house oriented style with pads and soulful rhythms.


SUNGR013 A global collection of choices and directories in the modern electronic music panorama.
The second Volume of MY KINGDOM contains new producers and 21 tracks.
We advice to buy all the package because it's very cheap!

Release: Eclectic SUNGR012

SUNGR012 "Eclectic"", Yuuki Hori's debut EP from Sun Generation Records, consists of three tracks connecting the dance floor and the bedroom in an organic combination of bass and strings that will touch any person's soul.

Release: Let Him in SUNGR011

SUNGR011 "Let Him In" is the debut project by Russian chill-out composer. For those who wish to come in a mysterious and slightly flickering world, the author let them do that. Be ready to feel the cosmic vibes in "Similarities", "To France", "Heart of the City". Then you'll get down exactly to the sea coast ("Seashore", "My Elf"). Hard beats will catch you up with "Let Him In", "Feel Me", and "Thinking".

Release: Deadbeat at Dawn SUNGR010

SUNGR010 The project "Deadbeat At Dawn" is inspired by the beautiful cinematographic work of Jim Van Bebber.
In fact, the release takes its title from one of Bebber's most relevant works "Deadbeat At Dawn" (1988), a cult movie with dramatic and dark tones.

Release: Father Song SUNGR09B

SUNGR09B Father Song is inspired by Cesare and Luis's ideas.
The strong human relationship and the series of fatal coincidences that ties the two takes us to the realisation of this project dedicated to the figure of the father.
Psychedelic rhythms and the vintage groove define the release as a trip to the border of electronic music.

Release: I Dont'Know SGR008

SGR008 "I Don't Know" takes its name from the project’s main track. This track is a combination of dark sounds and tech house rhythms that develop in a compilation full of breaks and percussions that achieve strong impact on the dance floor. The release also contains "Tum Tam", a coproduction between Sonartek, Landi and Teo. The mix of different styles makes "Tum Tam" very tech and psychedelic.

Release: Hot Dish SGR007

SGR007 Debut EP for the Tuscan triplet Mad_us & C.e.l.l.u on Sun Generation Records.
An EP full of sounds and Melodies that go from deep house music’s warm and lively sounds in “Crazy” till it reaches faster and frenetic rhythms in “Hot Dish” and “Strike”.

Release: Sadman SGR006

SGR006 Sadman is Jose’tek’s first work with Sun Generation Records. It is the result of passion and love for electronic music in all its facets. It contains 3 tracks: Original Mix, Rpm Love Mix, Jt1 Mix. The sound is well manicured – a champion of organ samples, cheerful mixed with darker sonorities, deep style, with pad from the choir, lilting rhythm and contrasting moods of sadness and excitement that accompanies the whole project.

Release: Do You SGR005

SGR005 Do You comes form the desire of finding a meeting point between House and Techno, keeping the hypnotic and tribal sounds that characterise Simone Barbieri Viale’s style together with the punchy and deep bass.
The introduction of the vocal sample makes the album more "housy".

Release: Lemon Juice SGR004

SGR004 The idea of the album was born during a meeting between Francesco Lamprechtz and Daniele Nacci.
Both were working for a rock album arrangement.
As a result of that cooperation, Lamprechtz admired Nacci’s style in creating amazing lounge tracks with his piano. Hence, he proposed for him to rearrange his pieces, resulting in the duo working together again.
This teamwork has generated the album Lemon Juice.
The third remix of the album is only made by Lamprechtz.

Release: Pray4Japan SGR003

SGR003 The idea of this track comes directly from Gianrico Leoni, right after the tragedy of March 11th, 2011 in Japan.
The original mix portrays all the energy with which the earthquake shook the land in those long days.
The release also includes remixes by Matteo Matteini and by Sonartek & Andrea Landi.

Release: Deliri Elettroacustici SGR002

SGR002 With its diverse forms and shapes, delirium is the theme of this concept album.
This theme has emerged during Filippo Guida aka Link~'s first attempts to make music.
The unskilled and immature usage of tools and sounds brought the artist to achieve very original results that he reorganised and put Deliri Elettroacustici together.

Release: My Kingdom Compilation SGR001

SGR001 To kick off the all-new Sun Generation Records we present My Kingdom Compilation:
a collection of unreleased tracks composed by various artists encompassed by the label.
The album is available on Beatport exclusively since June 29th 2011
Later on, the album will also be available on Trackitdown.