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Miki Dj and producer with several internationals clubs and events experiences,important italians consoles, discographic successes and big insight to the electronic music system.Aliases: Miki The Dolphin,Major Hypnotic Key Institute,Dj Miki,Everywoman,Taguro,2000's Heroes,Pauldiesis,Sport Essence.In band like Photogram

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Sonartek 'aka' : Sonar (Niki lb,Andrea Landi,Sander Tare,Christian Frisone)

Sonartek From 2009, the Sonartek project is formed by Niki B and Sander Tare. All of them come from different experiences.
From1999 Niki B has worked together with Christian E.F.F.E to their first vinyls here in SG and soon for labels like Saw Recordings, Audio Therapy, Opossum and Stereo Music.
Nowadays Niki lb is working in some important projects,like his own BeBop vinyl label,
productions with Miki and Alex Picone.

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Martina Salsedo singer , lyrics composer

Martina Salsedo Since the early 90's studies and spaces from Soul, Blues and Funky to reach the legendary Rock, versatile singer with a scratched voice from School Actor Studio

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Fabio Kinky

Gian Paolo Mantovani

Alessio Dell'Aiuto-Two Slim


Rakele Rossi


Fukoma,Lato B

Jean Charles Sonic


Started his career in 1990 in small clubs and underground rave parties, and on the Parisian House Station Radio FG with his "Chill Out Show". Influenced by the DJ and producers and artists from Detroit, New-York and Chicago, he happened to meet, his original style and House Music sets led him to play in major clubs and events worlwide. In 1994, DJ Sonic runs his own label Omnisonus. DJ, producer for ten years, he has signed 40 singles on labels such as Lafessé Records (Supermen Lovers), Nervous (New-York)... He was the first House music DJ in France to produce an album in a major company with "Zig-Zag" to POLYGRAM. In 1999, DJ Sonic met the famous French Movie Director Marc CARO ("Delicatessen"...). Sharing the same passion for electronic music and science fiction, they decided to co-produce an album and obtained the support of NASA, which provided them sounds and videos from space flights. It is in this context that "COSMOPHONIC FIRST FLIGHT" has been licensed by Rambling Records (Japan) and Le Maquis (France). Today, DJ Sonic is respected as a pioneer of electronic music and recognized as a great talent of House music on an international scale.



Italian Dj and producer, Francesco Valesani, aka H:O:M grew up within the Italian House Music. He began his musical journey when he was a boy, collecting House Music, Acid House, Deep House and Detroit House and Techno vinyls. These genres have always accompanied him and defined his way of seeing club music, as well as, influenced his studio productions. The artists who most strongly influenced his current work are Kerri Chandler and Masters at Work as he finds inspiration in their music. In 2006 he started a Dj residency at the Kinki in Bologna, until 2008, when he embraced the Black.Box project, an underground club, that playing an important role in his musical background, since he regularly contacted with Italian and international House Music scene main artists. In 2013 he start playing in the Romagna Riviera, in the summer, in clubs such as Echoes, Peter Pan and Prince.He has now residencies at some of the best clubs in his city (UsBar, Frankie, Oasi Beach Club) where he did the warm up for many major artists sets including, Derrick May, Marcellus Pittman, Robert Owens, Jimpster, Anane, DJEff, Honey Dijon, Sven Vath and many more.In the music production field, as important to him as the Djing, he collaborated with TR Records and a few national labels. He is currently signed to Major Underground and other labels.


Light Spheres aka Francesco Cianella - Elf

Alexis Azzo

Chronophone - Hoffmanstrasse


Laora Gems

The Hammock Nights

The Visitors Attak-Marcom 2

Narchotic Symphony

Narcotic symphony, a literal expression of a musical background built in time, an experimental journey that led Fabio to immerse himself in the production of electronic music, to give life to a sound journey with 20 years of experience in the consolles of clubs in tuscany, and beyond.Fabio Nerini, aka Fabio, was born in Pisa on 26/05/1977.He loves to experience electronic music in all its forms and shades with his own Style. In constant research and in continuous evolution, without ever following a predefined genre and always projected in the future. NARCOTIC SYMPHONY project is an experimental journey through sophisticated old school sounds,a mix of past and future performed in studio with analogue instrumentation, synthesizers and drum machines, distinguishing itself with an innovative musical genre. The collaboration with the record label INTROSPECTIVE by Lorenzo Mignozzi and SUN GENERATION by Miki Contact:



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Enrico Merolli aka DJEMM, molto giovane inizia a scoprire le prime sonorità Elettroniche, Funky e House ed l'attitudine per il djing  prima in feste private  poi nel 2007 con il suo collettivo di 3 dj chiamato KOUNTDOWN PROJECT nelle discoteche. Sempre nello stesso anno iniziano le prime produzioni, dal 2018 decide di intraprendere una via da solista con il nome di DJEMM, inizia collaborazioni con l’amico dj e produttore WideAndFat (H:O:M) fino ad arrivare alla prima loro uscita su Sun Generation Records.


Max Beat


Jacopo Susini

Andrea Landi- Sonartek

Andrea Landi At the age of thirteen, his first approach to the world of music came with the guitar.
In 1999, he started making the first night as dj in and around Parma.

resident advisor

Francesco Lamprechtz


Jo Gala-FJC

FJG are Franchino and Jo Gala


Antonio Valente

Leos-Two Slim

Master Seb

Open Spaces aka Franco Falsini

He is one of our principal inspiration GURU .Members : Electra, Noi Tre, Sensations' Fix, Ashram's Tales, Man Myth Magic, Open Spaces, Sheriff, The Antennas .Co-founder of Interactive Test .Also Known As:
Alien Skids, Franco Fylfoyt, Agent Fylfoyt, Elements, Frank Bellotti, Zona di Franco

Arnoud Le Texier

Jerome Pacman

Antares - Jasev


Louis Langone

Louis Langone Louis Langone begins as deejay in the years 90' when together with his friend Christian E.F.F.E. enter the executive team of a Italian radio.


Alex Cavalieri

Eclictic DJ\Producer from Genova


Werner Niedermeir

Simone Barbieri Viale

Simone Barbieri Viale Simone was born in Genoa, Italy in 1980.
Since he was a kid, he has always been surrounded by music.
He started with classical music, playing piano.


DJ Cuca

DJ Cuca Gianluca Belardinelli is showing off in clubs between Riviera Adriatica and Tuscany since 1993.
He's a DJ ,producer and creator of the group "Daytansystem".


Mario Restaino

His Grace

Scalambrin & Sgarro

Donny MT - Dj University

Roby J - Christian Kou

Our friends in the related dimension , thanks for your friendly and big work into Music.


Dam Paul aka Paolo Driver

Obsessed with music ever since his earliest youth, Dam Paul has collected 90s- 2000Trip-Hop-Beat- Breaks-House and Tecno vinyl records , with much taste and careful selection. The curiosity about the evolution of music led himto explore new horizons.


Andrea Melly - Photogram

Wooden Crate

patient better drivers


Simon Brown

Quantum System



Art Director, Graphic Designer , producer , thank You TEO!

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Johnny Kaos

Leonardo Zucchitta

Leonardo Romano


Luca Corsi

Emanuele Amendola

Angelo Mele


Tommy Marchesini

Leo Martera -Matteo Zarcone


Link~ He is a young composer, in his debut album on Sun Generation Records through his deep tunes in the mix highlights the essence of electronic music.


Shining Bet

Link~ Shining Bet is a Russian composer.
He was born in 1989 in Petrozavodsk, the North-West of Russia.
He is studying philology at Petrozavodsk State University.


Yuuki Hori

Yuuki Hori Born in Yamaguchi, Japan.
The impact was received hearing YMO and KRAFTWERK at the age of 16.
The tune was made and it began to make the tune at the age of 18.


Robin Virag

Robin Virag Rhythmic, dynamic and melodic are the three words that most accurately describe Robin Virag's music.
He was born in Bratislava, Slovakia in 1991, his interest in electronic music started in 2008.


Mad Us & C.e.l.l.u

Leo Almunia

Leo Almunia Leonardo Ceccanti Aka Leo Almunia is a producer, guitarist and live performer from Tuscany.
His electronic works are characterized by the use of stringed instruments .


Di Chiara Brothers


Manos Manos a.k.a. Manos Papadopoulos is a Greek Dj & Producer.
Manos started djing when he was young,at the age of 15.


IvanDe Calma

IvanDe Calma My name is Ivan Strundzhev but I am mostly known as IvanDe Calma.
I am from Bulgaria. I took up producing electronic music in 2006.