Sun Generation is back on vinyl with a release featuring the participation of the musician Dedo, and Miki, icon of Italian DJs also known as The Dolphin, a nick name that he is now using for his productions.
Their New Wave past in the 1980s, when Dedo was a member of the Intelligence Department band, currently back again on the scene, and Miki had the first professional satisfactions through new wave selections and then became one of the headliners of the electronic techno scene for over twenty years, has given the inspiration for this project.

Cuca vs Daytan System The Drunkman EP January 2009 SG023

SG023 New producers on SG from the east coast of italy (Ancona).
Three songs, a long version more progressive house with a psychedelic and obsessive cure of the sound, winding and a B side with an hypnotic taste version with incisive rhythms,involving close the ep an House-Electronic, of sure impact on the floor.

Dj Mauretto Elektro on Sunshine November 2008 SG022

SG022 Mauro Di Cicco alias Dj Mauretto a producer from rome with an innate attitude for electronic and dance music.
A really dance floor filler for every dee jay because it meets differents tastes from the most massive song 'electro on sunshine' to the dark frequencies of 'electric opera', passing through the long side powerfull song 'dance shout'.

Cesare Emme vs Alessio Watt Polar January 2008 SG021

SG021 In the second chapter of their experience on sun generation vinyl the tuscany dj duo explore the electronic.
after sixty days of promotion of the white label a lot of positive feedback arrived from djs, radio, charts (number 9 on balance usa) about the track called free spirit.
it's one of the 'magic songs' of sg's catalogue.

Cesare Emme vs Alessio Watt Eden Park October 2007 SG020

SG020 New vinyl Producers in the SG'spool.
They are Cesare Emme and Alessio Watt. This is their first record on vinyl! It's pure Tuscany school style, where the progressive house was born and developed in reality, 2 songs in which it dataches for depth Eden Park, In the other side flavour electric girl...Welocome Aboard!

DJ Sonic Instinctive EP March 2007 SG019

SG019 French-House, Old School, Detroit Pads.
3 tracks by Jean Charles El Parisien, Mansion Music Production. It contains Top Tune 'The Guitar', it's vinyl!

Fabio M. Bini The Music From My Mind September 2006 SG018

SG018 First release for the Ferrara's top DJ Fabio M. Bini.
His style is fresh and simple. Feedbacks: Neuton Berlin, Balance Records Pool DJs. 3 tracks minimal house with a dub.

Photogram Trendpetrol July 2006 SG017

SG0SG01718 A Jewel...Definited by Christian Zingales (Blow Up/October 2006).
Number 6 on Balance Records pool chart and 4 months in IT. Very suggested. A long list of DJs are supporting Photogram's releases. Records with no time. Photogram are Andrea Melly and MIKI.

MIKI feat. Sherrita Duran Joy June 2005 SG016

SG016 2 house electro acid tracks by Sonar with gospel voice of Sherrita Duran edited by MIKI (The Sonar edit mix has an incredible effect on the dancefloor!!!).
The first 1000 copies contain a track documento of a minute from Mozinor rave age Paris 1991. A track called 'Ex Novo' (Chill-out Opera-gospel) completes the EP.

Sonar Stop Complaining April 2004 SG015

SG015 Progrhouse/Tribal Hypnotic, Plus Vocal, Deep Dish (USA), Satoshi Tomiie (J), Ralf (I), Jan Mortensen (Denmark), Two Months on Balance Pool Chart (Chris Fortier, denny Tenaglia...USA) - Released Official April 2004
3 tracks - side a: Fullvocal 8'00 - plus a "guest" track by Quinto called :Aieie 4'46 side b: Dubfluidmix 9'46 Composed by Niki B and Christian EFFE (I) except "Aieie" by Percu-man QUINTO (I) vocals by Anne Marie Konsvod (Denmark), Keyboard by G. Palmieri (I) all tracks arranged and produced by DJ MIKI (I).

AS Submarine EP 2004 SG014

SG014 Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, Fergie (UK),MIKI (I), Dero (ARG)...Spin It (top tune on balance record pool USA 3 months) Tech-House, Minimal with percussions
side a: Abyss 5'28 \ Lari Marini 6'36 side b: Atlantis 5'55 \ Triton 3'41 Arranged and composed by AS_ recorded in Graz (Austria) \ produced by Allen Sforzina (Croatia).

Taguro Nuova Tarantola October 2003 SG013

SG013Yousef - Lee Burridge (UK), Francesco Farfa (I), Gilles Peterson Radio One London, DJ Villo (USA)... Elettro-House, Tribal Plus Ambients
4 tracks side a: Nuova Tarantola 5'20 \ Cats 4'48 side b: Linkin Park 6'33 \ Last Sample 4'38 Add. keyboard on "last simple" by Andrea Melly (I), fuses on "cats" by La Micina, ibanez guitar on "last simple" by Pauldiesis (I) composed and produced by DJ MIKI (I).

Everywoman The Test August 2003 SG012

SG012 Australian DJs / Market, K-Hand(TRESOR-D), Balance Records Pool USA DJs....Radio 1 UK Electronic House Plus Tribal
4 tracks side a The Test 7'23 \ Mui 4'14 side b: She 5'00 \ 3 Mathematics 5'52 Add. voice on "THE TEST" by photographer Renato Colangelo (Melbourne-Australia)_ add. keyboards on all tracks by Andrea Melly (I) and Pauldiesis (I) composed by dj MIKI (I) \ produced by FEZ (I).

Sonar Brazilia 2002 3rd Reperint SG011

SG011 David Morales, Satoshi Tomiie, Saw's DJs, Tom Stephan aka Superchumbo, Sonic (F) BAalance Records Pool (USA) Chart at number 7 for 2 months House tribal plus Brazialian sample.
3 tracks side a: Brazilia Main Mix 9'06 side b: Tribal Dub 7'04 \ Rhythm Vibration 5'43 Composed by Niki B. and Christian EFFE (I) Mastered by Allen Sforzina (Croatia) Arranged and produced by Dj MIKI (I).

Sainkho Naked Spirit 2002 SG010

SG010 Asiatic DJs\Markets, Finland DJs... Ethno House plus Minimal Trance.
5 tracks side a: House Mix 5'13 \ Tribal Trance 5'26 side b: M&M Mix 4'50 \ Mininakedmix 3'00 \ original plus Gunja Cajon 4'31 Club remixes ep from the original CD album SAINKHO "NAKED SPIRIT" (courtesy of Amiata Media records) Musicians: Lele Barbieri (jazzy-drum), D. Gasparian (oboe, viola), Andrea Melly (Keyboards), Alen Sforzina (drum-machine programmer,mastering), Pauldiesis (keyboards, arrangements) Produced by DJ MIKI (I).


VV.AA Electricat All Blacks EP 2002 SG009

SG009K-Hand (Tresor- Berlin) Number One Chart 2002 October... Electro Mininal plus sub bass lines\ Dark Elettro.
6 Tracks side a: Prima Fase 4'42 - Spezz 1'36 - Afrik 2 Remix 5'35 side b: Haka 4'35 - Spezz By Fezz 3,03 - Lettroluv 5'06 Composed by DJ Miki (I) _ Produced by "LA MICINA" Contains remix by Sonar: Afrik # 2.

2000's Heroes Headliner 2001 2nd Reprint SG008

SG008 A lot of interesting reviews from UK\USA\Europe - details in our charts/reviews section (Tribal Hypnotic, Funk Vocoders).
3 Tracks side a: Headliner 1,2,3 (Three DJs friends of the 90's) 11'02 side b: Headliner (DJ MIKIMIX) 5'15 - Headliner (ALLENMIX) 5'16 Composed and Produced by 2000'S HEROES (I).

Sonar Afrik 2001 2nd Reprint SG007

SG007 Satoshi Tomiie Hit Summer 2003! Balance Chart (USA) (Tribal House).
2 Tracks side a: Afrik # 1 7'16 side b: Afrik # 2 7'45 First absolute edited release composed by Niki B and Christian EFFE (I); Arranged by DJ MIKI (I) Mastered in Graz (AUSTRIA) BY Allen Sforzina (CROATIA) Produced by DJ MIKI and Sonar.

Taguro No Advise EP 2001 3rd' Reprint (last April 2004) SG006

SG006 Top DJs Tune! Reviews from Watts USA 2004, Music Press 2001\2002\2003...Charts like Balance USA (Tribal Techno plus re-edition "The Sound of Tirreno" 2001 RMX).
4 Tracks side a: No Advise (dj Mikimix) 7'23 - Katerpillar 2'06 side b: No Advise 5'50 (filtermasturbationmix) - Tsot RMX 2001 (the sound of tirreno remix) 5'14 "the sound of tirreno" is a famous 1992's record of M.H.K.I (Major Hypnotic Key Institute "aka" dj Miki and Franco Falsini of Interactive Test, Florence-Italy) Written and produced by DJ MIKI (I).

Lele Barbieri and MIKI Mondoloopini 2001 Limited Edition 500 Copies SG005

SG005 Tribal Electronic loops plus live Jazz drums , Tribal Sperimentale.
4 Tracks side a: Mondoloopini Freestyle 6'15 - Loop Style Demo 4'14 side b:Loop Style Drum 5'15 - Mondoloopini Elettro 4'24 Jazz drum player:Lele Barbieri Written and produced by Lele Barbieri and DJ MIKI (I).

Pauldiesis Verticale Ascensione 2000 SG004

SG004 Tribal Progressive and French Kiss Groove Reprise.
3 Tracks side a: Ascensione Verticale 9'15 side b: Calling You African 4'58 - Campanacc 3'42 Composed and produced by Pauldiesis (I).

MIKI-Westerman-Bones Blackend Mullet 2000 SG003

SG003 USA Progressive House_Florida Style.
3 Tracks Plus Bonus Percussion side a: Original 7'02 - Stream Rhythm 3'56 side b: Remix 1 (5'32) - Remix 2 (6'43) Composed by Westerman and Bones (Florida\Vortex Rec.) Remixed by Pauldiesis Produced by Sun Generation Pool.

Andrea Melly Electric Gejsha 2000 Limite Edition 1000 Copies SG002

SG002 FG Radio Paris (Fusion House, Deep Funky Groovy plus Drum and Bass Segment).
4 Tracks side a: Electric Gejsha 7'49 - AMB M/M37 1'32 side b: Electric Samurai 8'09 - Methabolic 4'21 Composed and produced by DJ MIKI (I) and Andrea Melly(I).

Taguro Sambodromo October 1999 3rd Reprint SG001

SG001 Carl Cox Dance Valley Opening - Summer 2000 Tribal Trance plus Samples XXX.
2 Tracks side a: Sambodromo 1 10'19 side b: Sambodromo 2 8'21 Comosed, arranged and produced by DJ MIKI (I).

The Techno Freaks Guitara Mandela 1998 SG000

SG000 Music for the Sun Generation Proloque of Sun Generation Records MSG 000 The Techno Freaks 'Guitara Mandela'.
3 Tracks side a: Guitara Mandela 9.23 side b: Anno 0 5'21 Old School 4'21 Composed and produced by DJ MIKI (I) Edited with: 009 Music of JT Vannelli (I).